RiffTrax- Dennis Hopper in Super Mario Bros

Appearing in Super Mario Bros.

Dennis Lee Hopper (born May 17, 1936 in Dodge City, Kansas, USA; died May 29, 2010) is an American actor of over 200 motion pictures and television programs. After earlier appearances in films such as Rebel Without a Cause, Cool Hand Luke and True Grit, Hopper burst onto the scene with his independent film production (which he also co-starred in) Easy Rider (with Jack Nicholson) in the late sixties. The film became a cult classic and forever changed cinema; other note-worthy roles in films such as Apocalypse Now (with Laurence Fishburne), Blue Velvet, River's Edge (with Keanu Reeves), Hoosiers (with Gene Hackman), Chattahoochee (with Gary Oldman), Paris Trout, Boiling Point (with Viggo Mortensen), Speed (again with Reeves), Red Rock West (with Nicolas Cage), Carried Away (with Gary Busey), Edtv, Jesus' Son and Knockaround Guys (with Barry Pepper, John Malkovich and Vin Diesel). He also had recurring roles on shows such as "24", "E-Ring" and "Crash".

Riffed Movies

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