"Nothing could be more demeaning than making someone watch this movie without MST3K's treatment of it! Thank god for MST3K!."
  — Cory Geryak on the crappiness of Future War

MST3k- Future War cinematographer Cory Geryak

Cory Geryak

Cory Geryak has done it all. From the Biography Channel to Fox Home Video special features to HBO original programming, Geryak has worked on movies and shows of all shapes and sizes whether it's working as a lighting technician on the newest Christopher Nolan blockbuster or being the camera operator for another low-rent film production. Geryak was one of several fans of MST3K who predicted right the future chance of seeing their hellish film production Future War be riffed on the show when all was said and done.

Riffed Movies

  • Future War (Director of Photography- Miniatures Effects Unit; Camera Operator)
  • Memento (Gaffer) - RiffTrax
  • The Dark Knight (Chief Lighting Technician) - RiffTrax
  • Inception (Chief Lighting Technician) - RiffTrax
  • Thor (Chief Lighting Technician) - RiffTrax

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