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Clu Gulager (born- 1928) is an American actor. Known for his acting chops and long and varied in career in films and television, primarily playing in westerns and crime dramas. He also appeared in the horror films The Return of the Living Dead and A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge.

In 1993 he took a role in the controversial docudrama "In the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco" as real life McClennan County Sheriff Jack Harwell, who would try his best to alleviate tension with religious leader David Koresh.

He was still active as of 2015, having recently appeared in the campy Piranha 3DD (in 2012) and the meta-textual Director's Commentary:Terror of Frankenstein (2015).

MST-ied Movies


  • When referred to on Mystery Science Theater 3000, his name was sometimes mis-stated as "Gallagher".
  • In The Amazing Colossal Episode Guide, Paul Chaplin noted that Mary Jo Pehl expressed an attraction to Mr. Gulager during the writing and recording of San Francisco International.
  • Mr. Gulager was referenced by Mike during Experiment #908 The Touch of Satan, due to that film's strong "late 70s" aesthetic.

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