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Clayton Forrester and TV's Frank were the test subjects on the Satellite of Love in the mirror universe at the time of Last of the Wild Horses. They were good at riffing, but obsessed with Joey the Lemur. After the movie, they made contact with the prime universe's Satellite of Love.

The Satellite of Love
Primary Residents Joel RobinsonMike NelsonTom ServoCrow T. RobotGypsyCambotMagic VoiceNanites
Minor/Other Residents TimmyMike's RobotClayton Forrester and TV's Frank (mirror)Eddie Nelson (Alternate universe)
Visitors NuveenaMonadPhantom of KrankorOrtegaHenry KissingerGoosioMikey the Mike spriteJ.C.GoochJan in the PanGlenn Manning
Terminology Hexfield ViewscreenRocket Number 9UmbilicusMovie signManipulator armsDeus ex MachinaHyper-warp escape shipsAirlock
Locations BridgeTheaterTheater hallwayMike's roomTom's roomCrow's Room

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