The Movie


Count Frankenstein is experimenting with human subjects in pursuit of his scientific goals. Various factors come into play that thwart him, including scorned underlings, angry townsfolk, and his own libido.


  • Made in Italy with the title Terror! Il castello delle donne maledette.

The Episode

Strange Interludes

Prologue (Walk into the Theater):The

The Director (Dave "Gruber" Allen) reassures the crew that they should not be worried about loud noises they heard during the night. He also mentions a new piece of technology that will be used during the film.

Interruption 1:

Trace has prepared a brief statement about his fondness for Frankenstein's Monster, but gets sidetracked.

Quotes & References


  • The "breast blimp" silhouette used to conceal nudity in the film resembles Joel's use of an umbrella to cover nudity during Experiment #403 City Limits. A similar masking device (two remote controlled drones) would later be used during Experiment #1104 Avalanche.

Video Release

  • A DVD was released in 2009. It is no longer in production but is available second-hand through several online venues.
  • A Boxed Set with all Cinematic Titanic recorded presentations was released by Shout! Factory in 2017.

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