MST3k- Bruce J. Mitchell (Rowsdower himself)

Bruce J. Mitchell

Bruce J. Mitchell (born 1945 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) is a Canadian theater actor and guitar player who is known to MSTies and B-movie fans for his only-IMDb-listed role as Zap Rowsdower in 1990's The Final Sacrifice (which he also did uncredited co-writing for).

During the making of The Final Sacrifice the credits for Mitchell and Christian Malcolm were erroneously flipped around, with Malcolm being credited as playing Rowsdower, and Mitchell credited for playing Troy McGreggor. By the time the crew realized what had happened there was no money left to fix the mistake.

Mitchell is also a registered nurse and was allowed to perform many of his own stunts in the film. Mitchell also sliced open his hand while filming a knife fight for the film despite the blade prop being a dull one. Mitchell later went on to work on a mini-series in Amsterdam, starred in more countless theater productions, appeared in TV commercials and did some other minor movie roles. Mitchell first heard about the MST3K spoofing of the film and his performance when his son, who lived in Texas, contacted him about it. Mitchell has since looked up and been shocked to realize the film has a cult following and has never seen the full episode save for clips on the internet. Mitchell is thankful for fans who have seen his work and has never turned down a role in his life.

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