Brain Guy (also known as Observer, or "Brian", according to Steffi) was one of the Mads, who, alongside Professor Bobo, was under Pearl Forrester. He was played by Bill Corbett, for seasons Eight through Ten. Brain Guy (Observer) is a hyperintelligent, psychic, alien from a planet of fellow aliens confusingly sharing the name "Observer". They claim to be without bodies (despite obvious evidence to the contrary) and carry their bright-blue brains in large Petri Dishes, rather than inside their (supposedly nonexistent) skulls. As seen in the episode Space Mutiny, he is dependent on the proximity to his brain to maintain both his full intelligence (such as it is) and psychic powers. He joins the Mads after his planet is inadvertently destroyed by Mike Nelson.

Like his colleagues, Professor Bobo, (Kevin Murphy), and Pearl Forrester (Mary Jo Pehl), Brain Guy is deeply dysfunctional. Unlike Bobo and Pearl, Brain Guy apparently has a considerable social and sexual life once the show returns to Earth for Seasons 9 and 10. He is also said to have, as Professor Bobo put it, "B.O." Observer denies this, claiming that he doesn't have a body, although eventually he gives himself a sniff and admits that he does, in fact, "reek."

His role, upon joining the crew of "Mads," usually ends up being the one who sends the movies to the Satellite of Love via his psychic abilities.

Observer claims, like his fellow Observers, to be omniscient and omnipotent, much like Q (and his people from Star Trek), but frequently fails to demonstrate these supposed abilities. In one of his earlier appearances, before his homeworld is accidentally destroyed by Mike Nelson, his fellow Observers' test the rest of the cast to see if any of them are deserving the right to become part of their kind and are surprised when Tom Servo scores higher than him, leading to Observer being painfully punished.

Exposure to Pearl's autocratic manner also appears to degrade Observer's powers over the course of the show. Despite this, Observer displays a fondness for Pearl and Bobo (and even Mike on occasion). When his former compatriots return in Experiment #905 The Deadly Bees, Observer ultimately decides to stay on Earth with his new friends rather than return to his reconstituted homeworld.

In the final experiment, #1013 Diabolik, Pearl's playful dousing of his brain in Mountain Dew temporarily interferes with his speech and disables Brain Guy's gifts, allowing the Satellite of Love to crash to Earth. After the experiments end he leaves to take a job as the supreme intelligence on the planet Reilos 14, which both he and Pearl seem to find demeaning for reasons left unsaid. This did not seem to pan out, as he is back to living with Pearl and Bobo as of Experiment #1102 Cry Wilderness.

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