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  • Thor2000

    Death Ship

    January 29, 2015 by Thor2000

    I was watching the movie, "Death Ship," today. It's a 1980 horror movie with George Kennedy and Richard Crenna about a group of people trapped on a Nazi prison ship. It's also one of those movies that would have fit very well in MST3k's library of bad movies. When the old lady becomes grotesque and asks, "What happened to my face?" I can just picture Crow responding, "You got it from your father."

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  • Gunman6
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  • Sigmund 2014

    Ummmm..... How do you delete a blog post? hehehehe

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  • Sigmund 2014


    July 1, 2014 by Sigmund 2014

    I contributed for a couple of months.

    Sure, call me an idiot.

    Amazing how certain people manage to let you know you're not welcome though, without ever using the words "fuck off!".

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  • Toby070

    What a mess

    December 9, 2013 by Toby070

    It is of note that there are several inconsistencies and faults between the pages (from presentation, to the amount of information and even the amount of pictures) which may have putted off several people as being a slightly unreliable source of information.

    We give the deepest of apologies to those not satisfied by the Wiki, and we'll try our best to fix things up a bit (the the best amount of quality like what you find from The Homestar Runner Wiki.

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  • MaximumRD

    MST3K Facebook Group!

    November 15, 2012 by MaximumRD

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  • Gunman6

    I made a list here made from my first-hand knowledge and other MST3k-related sites. Tell me if I missed anything:

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  • Joike

    I hope someone enjoys what I have done here - at any rate, I have enjoyed doing it. What is to explain this burst of activity? Perhaps it is a reaction to the Death of Reason and the triumph of propaganda. At any rate, I owe much of my style to the Brains who wrote the episode guides that are available elsewhere on the interwebs.

    How wonderful, how endlessly enjoyable MST3k is. Even after 21 years of continual exposure. Oh, it's true.

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  • Kool Koopz

    The Mads

    May 26, 2011 by Kool Koopz

    I've always been a fan of MST3K and I've come up with a few of my own theories regarding the Mads.

    I like to think that Dr. Forrester watches or had watched all these films beforehand, and as a result has gone mad. He wishes to spread the pain, and inflicts them upon the SOL crew. He works from the stand point that these films broke him, maybe they can break anyone, basically seeking to weaponize them. Forrester is abrasive and malicious, with no qualms about commiting violent acts. Mike/Joel's ability to take them in stride constantly irks him and I think drives him to continue his research in to worse and worse movies (and consequently propels him deeper into insanity).

    Frank, on the other hand, has seen these movies and loves them. As a r…

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  • TenCents

    all 6 themes. Start them in the comments!

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