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William December "Billy Dee" Williams, Jr. (born April 6, 1937 in New York City, New York, USA) is an American actor and singer best known for his roles in films such as the telefilm Brian's Song, Fear City (with Robert Miano), the Star Wars movie franchise, Nighthawks (with Sylvester Stallone), Tim Burton's 1989 adaptation of Batman (with Jack Nicholson), various Blaxploitation films and B-movie appearances, the Colt 45 malt liquor commercials, his singing touring with Diana Ross and for appearances on television shows and mini-series such as "Heaven and Hell: North and South, Book III", "Dynasty", "Lonesome Dove: The Series", "The Hughleys", "General Hospital: Night Shift", "White Collar", "Modern Family" and "NCIS".

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