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Bill Corbett with his MST3K alterego Crow.

Bill Corbett (born March 30, 1960) is an American comedian and writer. He is known to MST3K fans as being the voice/puppeteer of Crow T. Robot in later seasons and Observer (Brain Guy).


In 1995, Corbett was a faculty panelist for the Playwrights' Center's Young Playwrights Summer Conference in St. Paul, MN.

He is currently a member of Rifftrax (after having been a frequent "guest riffer") where he continues to riff films with fellow MST3K alums Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy. The trio also worked together on the short lived DVD-only series The Film Crew.

SciFi Channel Years - writing staff

Bill seen far right in the writing room during The Sci-Fi Channel years with Kevin, Mike, Mary Jo and Paul Chaplin.

Corbett, along with Rob Greenberg, wrote the script for the film Meet Dave, starring Eddie Murphy and Gabrielle Union. The movie was critically panned and considered a commercial failure. He has expressed interest in recording a Rifftrack for the film, but also explained how unlikely it is as Rifftrax avoids comedy films.


Regular roles

Guest appearances

Personal quotes

  • "When we watched the movies, we were looking for a bunch of things. It couldn’t be god-awful in terms of sound and picture, although we did a bunch of them that were borderline in that regard. And the ones that were just boring and really, really talky—where we couldn’t find any space to get any jokes in—those were rejected pretty quickly. We also tended to stay away from super­violent or NC-17 stuff."
  • "Sci-Fi wanted the movies to be more “hard sci-fi,” which always sounded a little bit risqué to me."
  • "It just keeps chugging along in a way that surprises me—and I think surprises all of us, to a degree. Maybe the artistic freedom we got for a while there actually shines. But also, we had to make so many jokes, and we could make jokes about pretty obscure things, so within the sheer raw tonnage of jokes, you’re bound to find something in there that surprises you."

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