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MST3k- Arnie Starkey in Future War

Arnie Starkey.

Arnie Starkey (1959 - February 4, 2001) is a character actor who appeared in Future War. Prominent Southern California comics fan, artist and actor Arnie Starkey, 42, died Feb. 4, 2001 of complications of juvenile diabetes and pneumonia.

Starkey was a staunch and popular participant in Legion of Super-Heroes and X-Men fandom, having contributed regularly to the amateur press alliances Interlac, X-Apa, Apa-LSH and WAPA. Immensely likable and easy-going, Starkey was often identified as perhaps the nicest fan in comics. He's also regarded as one of the bravest and most positive, having only occasionally discussed with his fellow fans the extent of the physical and medical challenges he'd coped with since childhood and that eventually took his life.

Starkey was close friends with one-time Legion of Super-Heroes writers Tom & Mary Bierbaum and made suggestions that were instrumental in the 1989 creation of the Legion character Laurel Gand / Andromeda. In the mid 1980s, artist Keith Giffen also used a uniform design of Starkey's for the Substitute Legionnaire Night Girl.

Since moving from his native Tacoma, Wash. to Southern California in 1982, Starkey was a regular attendee at the San Diego Comic Con, where he ran actors workshops and sold his artwork.

As an actor, Starkey appeared in numerous plays, films and videos, as well as occasional television programs. His film credits included In Quiet Night, A Walk in the Park and Vampress.

His stage work included L.A.-area productions of "The Finish Line," "Minor Demons," "Rage...Or I'll Be Home for Christmas" and "Jump Camp." In the Alliance Repertory Theatre production of "House of Blue Leaves," Starkey was cast as a nun and assumed the stage name Annie Gordon.

For his role as Kenny Simmonds in "Minor Demons," Starkey was nominated for a Valley Theatre League / L.A. Weekly Award. Starkey, whose diabetes had rendered him legally blind, twice finished as runner-up for the Christopher Reeve Scholarship for physically challenged actors.

In television, Arnie performed on Fox's "The George Carlin Show", a syndicated "Christmas With the Stars" special and a pilot called "Comedy Shorts."

Starkey is survived by his mother Alice, step-father Robert and two half-brothers.

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