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Air on a Delta Knight is a song sung by several Tom Servos in the episode Quest of the Delta Knights.


Mike (in the foreground, speaking): Hello, my friends. Today on "Satellite of Love Sunday Morning," we are livid with proudness in presenting the Sir Thomas Neville Servo Consort of the Middle Ages Just-After-the-Plague Singers. They will favor us today with an ancient aire on the Delta Knights in a new setting by Sir Thomas Neville Servo himself. Let's enjoy.

Tom and the male Servos: (In polyphony) I sing of the glorious Delta Knights; They live in Europe somewhere. With Archimedes they eat their Wheaties, And look pretty good in fake hair!

Lady Servo: They're kind of afraid to go out at night;

Tom and the male Servos: Fake hair...

Lady Servo: They don't get historical facts just right.

Tom and the male Servos: Fake hair...

Lady Servo: They hike up their codpieces really tight;
All: They look pretty good in fake hair!

Lady Servo: (backed up by men) A sweet Delta Lady am I, am I, More fair than the stars in the sky. I'm bold and bawdy, and oh, my Lawdy, I'm proud to declare -- A sweet Delta Lady, I do what I please;

Tom and the male Servos: Like pie...

Lady Servo: I'm strong and I'm savvy and I've got these! (indicates breasts)

Tom and the male Servos: Like pie...

Lady Servo: I love to sing out, "Don't forget the cheese."

All: I'm proud to declare I like pie!

Mike (speaking): Ah, fantastic, fantastic! I know I won't soon...forget the cheese. Let us thank the Sir Thomas Neville Servo Consort...

Tom and the male Servos: Oy, mates! Let's have a dirty one!

Mike: ...of the Middle Ages Just-After-the...

Lady Servo: Right! Hee hee!

Mike: No, no, no, now, I warned you, please--

Tom and the male Servos: (singing) Oh, I love to mush me buckles in me missus' pigeon pie--

Mike: (yelling over singers) Please, please, no, please, Sir Thomas, now I warned you about this song--now out of my studio, I want you all out! (Movie sign) Please, we have movie sign...


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