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Adam West in MST3k Zombie Nightmare

Appearing on Zombie Nightmare

Adam West is an American actor primarily known for starring in the 1966-1969 shown "Batman" TV show as the titular character. Mr. West found himself so closely associated with the role that he subsequently had difficulty finding work in league with the quality of that campy show.

As a result, he starred in many low-budget theatrical and TV-released movies such as Experiment #604 Zombie Nightmare (co-starring Tia Carrere in her movie debut).

Experiment #604 first premiered during the Turkey Day marathon in 1994 , which was also hosted by West. West later thanked the cast and crew for roasting that movie.

MST3k- Adam West hosting Turkey Day '94

Appearing on Turkey Day '94

West has since enjoyed a career resurgence, often appearing in roles that parody his famous persona. He provides many cartoon voice-overs, including for the popular animated TV comedy "Family Guy" as an exaggerated version of himself. West has also appeared as a guest on the Cartoon Network talk show "Space Ghost Coast to Coast".

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