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Clown in the Sky is a song from the episode, Pod People.

A Clown in the Sky song


[On the satellite:]

[music plays in background, Servo whistles]

JOEL: Well, guys, looks like it's time to pack it all in again.

CROW: Yeah. We are the stuff dreams are made of.

TOM: Oh, that's beautiful, Crow! Shakespeare?

CROW: Uh, no. Burma Shave, ad--

TOM: Oh, well I--huh?

JOEL: [as he takes Crow apart] You know, guys, it always hurts--


JOEL: --to close it all up--

TOM: Yeah.

JOEL: --strike the set--

CROW: Ow! Geez!

JOEL: --wipe off the grease paint--

TOM: Yeah.

JOEL: --uh, napkin up the blood and entrails--

CROW: Ouch!

JOEL: --and move on to another town.

CROW: Uh, oh. I smell a song.

TOM: Mmmm hmmm.

JOEL: Tell me where does all the magic go--

TOM: [in background] Ooooo!

JOEL: When the curtain falls to end the show?

Do the clowns always cry

When they pack up the paper sky,

And the champagne is being poured,

JOEL & TOM: And the lock is on the old stage door?

JOEL: Will there still be a clown in the sky for me?

TOM: Oh, Joel! Oh, boo hoo hoo hoo! Joel!

JOEL: Don't worry, buddy, there'll be other experiments.

TOM: You really think so, Mister?

JOEL: Yeah. Take a verse. It'll cheer you up.

TOM: Okay. [sings in Anthony Newley voice]

When the harlequin is on the bed

And the whiskey haze surrounds his head,

William Holden's coming over and he's got a fifth or two--

JOEL: Tom Servo, if you don't stop doing your Anthony Newley I'm gonna throw you against the wall.

CROW: He'll do it, too.

JOEL: Will there still be a clown in the sky--

TOM: Help us out, Crow!

ALL: Still be a clown in the sky--

TOM: Take it home, Joel!

JOEL: Tell me, where is that clown in the sky for me?

I love you, Tom Servo.

TOM: I love you, Joel.

JOEL: I love you, Crow.

CROW: You're not my real father!

JOEL: Whadda ya think, sirs?

[In Deep 13:]


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